February 03, 2014

That 70's Style.
This week we love all things 70's. Inspired by our movie night with American Hustle we now have a new found obsession for big hair, gold jewellery and Jennifer Lawrence. Below we have listed our favourite 5 seventies themed finds for the week! 
1. American Hustle: American Hustle without a doubt has our vote for best film costumes of the year! Outfit spectacles from the ever talented costume designer Micheal Wilkinson adorn our screens and entertain our eyes. Plunging necklines, gold everywhere and luxe materials adorn the leading ladies in this must-see.
2.The time is nigh for BIG HAIR: Its been awhile since we have been encouraged to put the straighteners down in order for nostalgic curls and voluptuous dos and one of our favourite pop divas Ella Eyre is at the forefront of this super cute trend!  
3.Petra Collins is the no frills Canadian photographer and designer with some serious style credentials to back it up. Big hair and a keen eye for a taboo keep her style as fresh as her attitude. She enjoys 70's roller discos, dressing up and a girls night out, whats not to love?
4.The gold Issue of Vogue is an extraordinary issue on the fashions and goings on of the year 2000. Totally doused in gold and with some hilarious theories on how to spend it makes it a must read in our eyes. Within this issue you can bake billionaires shortbread smothered in gold leaf or read all about the golden girls of the era.
5.The silk shirt and denim skirt combo: for effortlessly cool, elegant style subtly introduce 70's pieces into your capsule wardrobe. Here we have paired a denim mini from the era itself with a luxe cream silk shirt. All available online.  

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