Babes of The Week

June 10, 2014

We introduce you to our BOAW Babes of the week. A group of individuals, who we admire, appreciate, look to and excite us about that much lusted after, and allusive thing, style.
Central Saint Martins student, designer and model Mimi Wade hales from Northern Italy, but spent the majority of her childhood growing up in rural England. Her background in Fashion print has landed her with internships with some big fashion houses. This blue haired beauty is defiantly one to look to for her mad, yet infectious sense of style. A BOAW Babe for sure.


Alice Goddard

Founder of Hot and Cool magazine (show casing high end fashion editorial and cutting edge art and design) and model turned muse for Marques'Almeida, the ethereal 22-year-old beauty really does have it made. Her minimalistic and effortless style gives her the BOAW Babe stamp of approval.


Susie Lau (Bubble)

Fashion blogger at, and Online Editor at Dazed & Confused magazine. Susie Lau evidently has a mind for style. Her University collage London education, pared with what she describes as a “can’t stop decorating the cake” sense of style, featuring a lot of colour, layering and plenty of vintage made for a very successful fashion blog, with a huge worldwide following. BOAW Babe Status Alert!

Jane Birkin

If the expression ‘sexy cool’ was meant for describing anyone, it was Jane Birkin. Model, actress, muse and wife to creative extraordinaire Serge Gainsbourg, Birkin offers the ultimate cigarette smoking, basket carrying French allure. Plus there’s a handbag named after her. No one looks better in just a jumper. No one. Total BOAW Babe.


Julia Sarr Jamois

Former model, currently taking up post at ID magazine as Fashion Editor-At-Large. Known for her fun sense of style and fearless approach to cloths. Alongside being a key founding member of the Funky Offish style collective. No one in London understands the British style aesthetic so flawlessly, poised with an effortless chic. No one does it better then Julia Sarr Jamois. It’s not about the hair she’s become so well known for, the fun sunglasses or the impeccable trainer collection. It’s the whole package. Ultimate BOAW Babe.



Words by Siobhan Wood 

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