Babes Of The Week

June 25, 2014

We introduce you to our BOAW Babes of the week. A group of individuals, who we admire, appreciate, look to and excite us about that much lusted after, and allusive thing, style.

This Westminster Fashion Graduate, and young budding designer has attracted much attention recently for her hand painted leather, in particular her jackets. Famous fans include Rihanna and Erin O’Connor. Her Cyber Punk sense of style, reminiscent of, I hate to say it, mid-naughties Scene Kids, mixed with an English whimsical fairytale quality. BOAW loves Clair’s truly individual and evolving sense of style. 

This New York based tech savvy babe has not relied on her helpful family tree to make a name for her self. Daughter of CEO at Warner Music Group, and foxy Shaft actress Sherry Brewster. Hannah Co-founded the App Beautified (Oprah has it!), allowing people to book multiple beauty appointments, in one quick click. She also founded environmentally friendly Record label Green Owl. Her bold sense of style acts as our perfect summer style crush. Always rocking killer prints, bright colours and chunky jewellery BOAW LOVES Hannah. PS she’s also a banging DJ!

Fran Burns

Founder of the Funky Offish Style collective Fran Burns is probably; actually defiantly stylistically reasonable for everything you’ve found “totes amaze” in editorial Fashion Print for the last year or so. In demand Stylist, that is so cool the only way to really explain her is by using expletives. But obviously us BOAW Gals don’t swear… Editor-at-Large at Love Magazine, and Fashion Editor at British Vogue, and ID magazine just proves that when it come to style, Fran HAS BUCKET LOADS OF IT! BOAW loves her brave head turning wardrobe choices perfectly balanced with “Funky” pieces and business “official” wear. 


Laura Bailey

The ever-stylish Laura Bailey perfectly encapsulates “country” British kitsch, and London edge. Model, appearing in campaigns for the likes of Radley, and Temperly, mother of two, occasional writer for Harpers Bazaar and The Daily Telegraph, just to name a few, and Contributing Editor for British Vogue. This woman really does know how to do it all. She certainly isn’t a one trick pony. Cultural Ambassador for the British Fashion Council and an Ambassador for Oxfam, We can’t believe she also has a philanthropic edge too! BOAW LOVES. 


At just 23 Bertie has co-founded super cool magazine The Mushpit with Char Roberts. Self described as “J17 for grown up girls”. Acts as Features Editor at ID Magazine has an online column on, and writes for The Guardian and The Telegraph. She also works as a stylist for the likes of Stussy and Dazed and Confused. Bertie has a fun sense of style. That will be sure to inspire young girls, that love vintage as much as we obviously do. She takes inspiration from 90s hip hop girls such as Aaliyah, Pop Princesses’s like Britney and Gwen Stefani. BOAW loves her 90s throwback look, and honest and “totally relatable” writing style.
Words by Siobhan Wood 

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