Babes Of The Week

July 03, 2014

We introduce you to our BOAW Babes of the week. A group of individuals, who we admire, appreciate, look to and excite us about that much lusted after, and allusive thing, style.


One of photographer Cobra Snake’s LA muse gals, and Brook Candy’s BFF. Twenty-one year old Cyber Barbie Niki has already starred in a hand full of popular music videos, styled Miley Cyrus multiple times and acted in a couple of comedy shorts. Her ‘Cyber Alien Millennium Babe’ sense of style gets any fashion victims blood pumping. Sometimes when you look at one of Niki outfits your brain tells you to stop looking, and not like it, but your hearts imploding with love, lust and style jealously. With Niki what’s wrong, is right. BOAW’s obsessed with Niki Takesh. 


Actress of the moment, that recently starred in BBC One drama The Crimson Field. After recently moving back from New York where she featured in a Halllmark movie playing Kate Middleton, and rubbed shoulders with Dree Hemingway and Jessica Hart! This babe has a killer sense of style. She’s one girl that’s very into collars, tailoring and flats, you can always catch her in a pair of vintage loafers or a pair of brogues. BOAW loves her vintage boy, meets girl sense of style and cute sixties pixie cut! 


Wavy Spice (Princess Nokia) 

Rapper from Spanish Harlem New York rose to fame in mid 2012 with her track Destiny. New York trendy club kid takes inspiration from the early 90s rave scene, Japanese comic culture and Hip Hop front women like Lil Kim. Self-described as “uniqueness personified” Ghetto Girl posh realness is what this babes all about. As her most popular tracks recites “Bitch {she’s} Posh”. Total BOAW Babe. 


Adwoa Aboah

West London Gal turned model and actress Adoaw has the whole tropical thing going on. Her love of bright colours, bold print pairing and beautiful looks got BOAW’s attention. She’s the perfect summer style icon and really knows how to wear colour in the chicest of ways. BOAW loves her gold jewellery and bandana hair accessorising. 


Louby McLoughlin 

Louby’s a stylist that has worked with Topshop, Sophie Webster and Paul Smith all the while being Junior Fashion Editor at Pop Magazine. She’s basically a walking talking Barbie. Her doll like looks and blonde locks team perfectly with her totally matchy-matchy two-piece outfits, fun headbands, and electric prints and colours. Think Cher Horowitz in modern day London, with an addiction reality TV, early noughties hip hop stars and Britney. BOAW WOWS.


Words by Siobhan Wood

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