August 04, 2014

Monday Blues? Fear not our Top 5's gonna give you that little bit of inspo you need to perk your week up! 





1. Ronan Mckenzie, London born and bred is the up and coming stylist and photographer whose Instagram is packed with street style shots and portfolio shows more of her artsy side!
2. Hollie Fernando's instagram is a delicious concoction of portfolio peaks and spontaneous landscapes. Her portfolio  spans from portraits to fashion all in keeping with her gorgeous, ethereal signature style! 
3. One of the newest additions to the BOAW gal clan is  Wallis Day with a wicked sense of humour, stunning blond locks and a cult following, this actress & model is definitely set for major STARDOM! 
4. Pitch Zine's instagram is a pastel masterpiece whilst their site is packed with fashion, art and design.  
5. Socks and Sandals, shop SHOES this week to get your end of the month 'need a treat'  fix! 

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