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September 05, 2014

We know, you think of winter and immediately wrinkle your nose, think of rain, grey skys and cold days that seem to last for eternity!
But we're here to help change your minds about what winter means. To us, winter means an opportunity to own and wear more clothes!
How can it be all that bad, all that layering the cozy accessories? Beautiful thick fur coats, vintage wool jumpers and mohair scarves! 
We'll pick up your spirits about the slightly darker nights and the sudden chill in the air and bring you on board the (slightly cold) train to loving winter!
Below are a few sneaks of a few of the gorgeous pieces that'll be dropping in store over the next few days, is your wardrobe ready for these beauts?
So we had the lovely Hannah back in the studio working those thick coats and vintage layers. And doesn't she look damn fine.
We have to admit we went a little coat crazy, but you can't blame us when they are all this good can you?
Lets embrace the chill if it means layering up in these lovely cover-ups. 
Compiled by Ellen Peters

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