TOP5 Spookfest

October 27, 2014

Getting ready for Halloween in style?
Are you stressed about where to go, what to wear or what to watch?
Look no further babes, we've got your back!
This week we have pulled together some eerie inspiration to make sure you have a Halloween to remember.
1. We've pulled together some babe'in LBD's and other amazing outfits ready for a super trendy supernatural night.
2. Psychedelic Suspiria is the movie to watch to send you shivers all night!  This stylised film will be one you won't forget in a hurry.  
3. 'Tinaween' is where you need to be on Friday 31st.  A super glam party that will take you to space and back!
Check out last years party for amazing outfit ideas.
4. Spine chilling make up tips that will ensure you are still the hottest BOAW babe at the party.  
5. Here is an amazing list of mesmerising outfits that will wow everyone at every party.  Yay!
Have a spine chilling evening!

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