Top 5!

January 05, 2015

Happy New Year babes!! Here's a little bit of inspo to help you get through the January blues!
1. BOAW's biggest sale ever is sure to keep you feeling fun and festive!
2. Break the January blues, book a road trip with your friends! Something to plan and look forward to! Yay
3. Get some serotonin back into your life with a health kick, plan some dance lessons at the amazing Frame studios. 
4. A little bit of inspiration to bring you into 2015. Check out the 'Women Power Fashion' exhibition and find out the true meaning of how fashion forms your self expression. 
5. A list is the perfect way to get down your New Year goals and what better way that to use a super cute and girly notepad from @epoquegraphics
Written and Compiled by
Nia Hardwicke

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