Top 5!

March 09, 2015

We have entered a nostalgic pastel dream this week.
Check out what we have to say about our top 5 inspo!!
1. Julia Sarr-Jamois is our super styling sensation! We just love her work and style! A total babe that inspires us daily and a huge part of the reason why we love I.D!
2. How amazing is David Gomez? We are totally obsessed with his work! An idyllic and intriguing illustrator and photographer that we can't stop spying on!!
3. Denim heaven has landed in store and it's beautiful <3 Enter Lust Land babes..
4. Wiissa are a perfect duo of Vanessa and Wilson that trap us in their nostalgic state of film & photography! We are cemented into a dream like state when we are interacting with their imagery! xo
5. Looking for something exciting for spring? Then you must, must, must check out cool girl about town Tati Compton. Vintage lover and artist, Tati is also a stick & poke tattooist that is going to have you lusting after linear tats. Go get Tati-fied ;) 
Written and Compiled by
Nia Hardwicke

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