3 Ways to wear... Carlota Citrine Boots

March 02, 2019

At the studio, we're all about Miista. The dream shoes thought and designed by founder Laura Villasenin and her team are truly one of a kind. A wise game of quality materials, dramatic shapes and recognisable styles. Carlota is no exception to the rule. An exceptional pair of boots for an exceptional lady? Sure, but not just for her. While it's easy to envy the ease of some women to embrace a variety of styles, why not picture ourself in what we wouldn't generally dare? Let me explain.
When I first saw Carlota, I felt intimidated by the heel (8 cm), the bold design (citrine and snake skin) and was thousand miles from finding how to match her with my "real life self". Long story short, they were a reflexion of everything I wasn't. The aspect I was hooked on was the drama and lord knows I love my closet with a dose of drama. As I kept staring to understand how to wear this extravagant pair my attraction grew to become a fascination.
How to wear Carlota in real life? Who is this woman who dare and succeed? Have a read through the portraits to find out!
1. The Busy Babe: 
Once the alarm rings, every second matters. From dawn to dusk, she doesn't have time to mess around. She needs a simple and yet strong look that reflects her adaptable attitude. This one look that follows her at work, in-between and after, no matter what she has planned.

The colour association is simple. What makes it stand out? The details! The mom jeans sooth the pussy bow here worn has a (cheeky) keyhole blouse. The bag is small enough for the style not to be over the top but big enough to carry all the necessary. The boots don't even need to reveal their full potential and prove they're perfectly functional as the quiet force of the outfit.
2. The Chic Sista: 
Long gone is the time of stylistic doubt or is it? The Chic Sister wears what she feels like, following her daily inspiration. She isn't afraid to make a strong impression but always do it in polished way. She only swears by good quality fabrics, flattering cuts paired with solid basics.

This orange themed style could easily be too much, right? But, turns out as a whole it is surprinsingly harmonious. The coat is the most saturated colour and perfectly wraps the brighter tones of the beret and of the jumper. The brown bag is the solid basic that validate the outfit. Wearing bright boots to fit the theme therefore becomes good fashion mathematics since dark coloured shoes would only weigh the outfit down. 
3. The Trend Blazer
Some days you wake up and you just incarnate coolness, that's how she feels everyday. She just doesn't care about doing too much or too little, because she blazes through trends, carelessly. A particular style that catches the eye without trying, as a natural-born statement. 
Here, Carlota embraces her vintage inspiration. The coat, knit and boots embody the 70s Glam look in a modern way, showing us that vintage isn't just retro. Each piece is individually rich in drama (and quality), altogether they express the full-on girl able to wear the most outstanding outfit and still get away with it!
Carlota has proven herself to be versatile and flexible. Quiet force, bold statement or touch of light, she is all the women you are. And you, how do you wear yours?

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