Top 5!

July 13, 2015

This week we have found 2 major new style icons, and we will be reflecting on a style legend.
There's yet another festival taking place in London - as always, there's something to do in this city!
There's loadsa new pieces landing on the website - be sure to keep an eye out for some of our limited edition pieces!
1. Number 1 on our list is Sita Abellan - an amazing chick, whose style we can't get enough of! Make sure you check out all her outfit posts on her Instagram
2. Second is Citadel festival which takes place on 19th July in Victoria Park. we can't wait to see what's on offer this year!
3. Misty Miller is third on our top 5 this week. We are completely in love with her new music as well as her punk rock style.
4. Make sure you visit the Audrey Hepburn portrait exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. We can't wait to see all the never-before-seen photographs.
5. And last but not least is our limited edition collections. We have restocked a few of our favourite pieces from past seasons, but hurry! There's only 4 instock!

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