January 24, 2016

It's been an few exciting weeks to the start of January 2016, lots of change not only in the seasons but in our environment too. Its been incredibly busy for us since our move from London to Lisbon, a lot to take in! We've been soaking up heaps of inspiration and thought we'd share a few of the things that have been putting a smile on our face this month.
From the colourful buildings on the streets of our new home city,
to the dreamy vibes of our latest photographer discoveries to our growing list of covetable designer goods and inspiring creative spaces.
These have all definitely put a spring in our step this January, hope they do for you too :)
First up., we're pretty pleased with the chilled vibes of our latest shoot with our fav BOAW babe, Rita.
The dazzling colour of Lisbon, a city we're still very much
exploring and getting to know, see more on our Instagram
The dreamy sun-kissed scape of our current favorite photographer Amber Mahoney
Productivity and creativity in our mind is always spurred on by your immediate environment. Our Pinterest interiors board is filled with snaps of dream
spaces that inspire us to make our home and work space an oasis. 
Where do we even begin. Our obsession with the work of Alessandro Michele
is almost a little worrying.
Its been a long time since a designer captured our imagination and the whimsical
 nostalgia of by-gone eras with such a stop on stamp of modernity!
<3 <3 <3

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