November 12, 2015

The funny, beaut of a model Tilda Lindstam has a bit of a cult following on Instagram. Know as the funny girl of fashion we're defo not the only ones hooked on this girls instagram. Its refreshingly unglossy and pretty random. Weird selfies sit alongside ridiculous video posts of her riding shopping trollies or lying under cars. Its one to peek at on a dull day, we promise it'll make you smirk if not literally lol. 
So apart from her witty insta, we've been hitting that heart button loads recently on Pinterest and below is why, this girls style is cool, unpretentious and laid back. She's just got that "oh this old thing" vibe down. We love her mix of simple basics with key vintage fined like button-up denim dresses, checked mini skirts, denim dungarees and the must have pair of 501s.