Art We Heart: Faye Weiwei

May 03, 2017

This week’s Art We Heart features the incredibly talented and super cool artist Faye Weiwei. Hailing from South London, Faye is fresh out of art school and, at only 23 years old, this gal is certainly leaving her mark on the art world.

Faye’s definitely caught our eye, we are mesmerized by her beautiful and sentimental style and work. With a mysterious and dreamy tone, her pieces frequently explore themes of nature, gender and love. We’re crazy about her compositions, the use of pastel colours and the overall poetic feel of her work!

We love her expressive brush strokes, the thinness of the paint and how her work can sometimes remind us of greats like Picasso and Chagall, a couple of our all-time favorites. In spite of this it'ss super clear that this babe is completely unique in her own right you just have to scroll through her IG for a glimpse into her imaginary wonderland of a world. Did we mention her personal style is also everything? We adore her love of bohemian gypsy style dresses and gorgeous loose flowing 70s vintage gowns. 

With such stunning and intimate paintings, is no surprise she’s causing quite the stir, is it? She has been featured in many group exhibitions in the UK and USA, and just recently had her first solo show at Cob Gallery, in London. Way to go, Faye!

We heart you and your work. A lot.

All images from: Faye Weiwei's InstagramArtsy and G-irl.

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