Art we heart: Lexie Smith

January 25, 2017

In focus for this weeks Art We Heart is Brooklyn based artist and baker Lexie Smith. We discovered her (you guessed it!) on Instagram and became instantly obsessed with her feed, which is filled with cool off the cuff, laid-back outfits, she puts together with such non-chalant ease your instantly questioning, how does she do that? Not to mention her immaculately presented and delicious looking baked goods.
In an interview with Trois she has mention she started baking at 15 and got into art during her college years. She also mentions how she's not that into the whole "Food is art" mantra, but rather sees food as a material to achieve a final artistic product: "I like food precisely because it’s not art. It’s utilitarian, it’s critical, it’s fuel, and then it disappears. When I use food in my art is a prop or a medium- it is no longer food in the way it once was." As for the reason she incorporates food into her art, Lexie points out the convenience of it. Baking is how she makes a living so might as well put some art into it! For more bread we recommend her wholesale bakery's Reluctance Bakery IG account: @reluctance_ny.
She also posts on @todays_neus, a feed dedicated to visual headlines of current events. Her illustrations are amazing and always depict really important and relevant topics.
When it comes to her style, we love the simple, organic and mostly neutral toned outfits she puts together! To quote an article written about Lexie on " To say her personal style is a hot mess wouldn’t be inaccurate in the most literal sense". That really says it all! 
Besides Vogue, she has been featured in the New York Times, Urban Outfitters, Coeval Magazine, Carpenter's Daughter and Lucky Peach.
For all things Lexie check out her website.
Check out some of our favourite snaps from Lexie, carbs included: 
December 13, 2016: The Complete Meltdown of Humanity (one of Lexie's illustrations on Some of Today's News)
June 8, 2016: History became Her Story
April 16,2016: Alien dust found in our Solar System
All pictures from: Lexie Smith 
Written and Compiled by: Joana Fernandes

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