Art We Heart: Manjit Thapp

February 07, 2017

This week's Art we Heart brings you London based illustrator Manjit Thapp. 
Having recently graduated from the University of the Arts London with a degree in Illustration, this 22 year old mega talented babe has already graced a few of our favourite fashion and lifestyle mags,  Dazed Magazine, Wonderland and Riposte to name a few.
We first came across her work on Instagram (@manjitthapp) and became instantly obsessed! We love her colour palette, the gorgeous beauties she pens with sweet details  and of course the references to pop culture, fashion and fictional characters.
In an interview with Wonderland she explained how her preferred technique to achieve such amazing creations is a mix of traditional and digital, sketching with pencil first and adding colour and details on Photoshop:
"I love the textures that using traditional media creates especially when using pencils and I like to retain that as much as possible in the finished piece. Using photoshop allows me to experiment without doing anything permanent [...]".  
Regarding the recurrent female character of her work, she told UO that despite trying to maintain a narrative within her art and a connection to what she draws, her illustrations are not biographical.
Just like us, she gets inspiration from fashion, music and everyday life and has collaborated with Refinery 29 and Adobe, amongst others.
You can buy her work here, from tote bags, prints and phone cases to t-shirts, comics and sticker sheets!
Check out some of our favourite pieces from Manjit below:

 Images found on: @manjitthapp and Manjit Thapp
Written and Compiled by: Joana Fernandes

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