Art We Heart: Miranda Lorikeet

January 18, 2017

Next up on Heart we Heart is Australian artist Miranda Lorikeet. Based in Sydney, she works full time in Human Resources but becomes a digital art extraordinaire on her free time (as you do). Her work his particularly popular on Instagram (where we first came across her) and Tumblr, where she posts as lazybonesillustrations.
We were amazed when we found out she uses MS Paint for her fab illustrations. There's definitely a nostalgic feel common to all her drawings and her software of choice might be one of the reasons why! In an interview to Paper Magazine she explains: "I think it's got nothing to do with the tools you're using, it's what you do with them." We couldn't agree more! Besides Paper, she has been featured in huge platforms like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.
We adore the simplicity and surrealism of all her pieces. The colours are vibrant and cheerful, contrasting perfectly with the reoccurring theme of loneliness and isolation in vast, paradisiacal (almost magical) places. Womanhood and femininity are also part of her theme, making it even more relatable. Can you tell we're pretty obsessed with her work? You can find more of it on Society6.
Here are some of our favourites:
Like any of the other Art we Heart girls, Miranda has fun with her wardrobe too, playful styling and a daring approach to wearing colour, she's got even cooler taste when it comes to interiors just have a peep at her LG. We love her fun, eclectic and relaxed vibe!
Check out these snaps from her Instagram
All pictures from: Miranda Lorikeet and Lazy Bones Illustration
Written and Compiled by: Joana Fernandes

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