March 09, 2018

"Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible, and live long lives. The struggle for equality continues unabated, and the woman warrior who is armed with wit and courage will be among the first to celebrate victory." Maya Angelou

Happy International womens day, wonderful ladies.

As feminists and constant supporters of the sisterhood, we feel every day should be a celebration of womanhood, we truly believe in the fight for equality between the sexes starts with ensuring you are true to the fight. Brave, vocal and supportive. The team at BOAW discuss who was inspiring them today and every day, the result is a selection below. Six amazing women, who are fearlessly female, brave enough to rewrite the rules and make their voice and story heard, sharing their passion and love with the world. These woman inspire us daily with both their hearts and graceful styles.

Most of them are constantly inspiring us by and a new discovered girlfriend. Together they make our struggle day by day more empowered and beautiful.



Frida Kahlo

Paintings, colors, flowers and Frida had an insane eye, she made the world rethink standards between the sexes and pulled from weakness and vulnerability her strength to create art, changing the world.


Photos: Pinterest/Nickolas Muray/Getty Images

 Lady Di 

Love wasn’t just a desire, it was her goal. The eternal princess did not measure efforts to help people, seeking a life with purpose and a better world. 

Photos: Waxbitch Flicker/Mike Forster/Pinterest

Mara Hoffman

The New York-based clothing and swimwear designer puts her positive energy in every piece and pattern that she creates. Forging forward in sustainable practice in her production process, she is also all about celebrating the female form in all its beauty. A true celebrator of women. Pulling her inspiration from nature, world travel and fantasy, highlighting powerful feminine aesthetics, she makes our feminine world more colorful and happy.

Photos: Mara Hoffman website/Instagram


Michelle Obama

Lawyer, writer and the first African American first Lady. As First Lady, Michelle Obama became an instant role model for women. Empowering and encouraging always, she is an advocate for all things women and girls need to be. Smart, fearless and brave.

Photos: Collier Schorr/Pinterest

Nina Simone

American singer, songwriter, pianist and arranger that recorded more than 40 albums. She made the difference being an activist in the Civil Rights movement and criticizing beauty standards imposed on black women in America.

Photos: Alfred Wertheimer/Tony Gale/Jack Robinson


Wasted Rita

With a honest sense of humor and a sharp sarcasm, the graphic designer and illustrator based in Lisbon has the power to comfort and encourage all at once. She makes it clear talking about simple life woes and sharing intimate thoughts is something we all not shame from.

Photos: Instagram


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