February 01, 2020

 In this chilly and wet second month of the year, let's warm our hearts so our body feels a difference, should we? In February, more than ever, we want to celebrate love and comfort. Emotional, physical and mental bonds, strength and connection. For this run-up to Valentine's day, we decided to showcase love in all its sweet forms.
  Left: Untitled by Deli Sandwich, Wine glasses via pinterest
Center: Untitled by Fashion Gone Rouge, Devitha Denson by Annabelle Foucher via Heroinchic, Untitled via pinterest
Right: Untitled via pinterest, Untitled via pinterest
Untitled by Quiet Continental
    Untitled via pinterest
 Follow the guide to get inspired! We've called it the month of love for a while and with reason, though we find V day itself over commercialised and OTT its sentiment is thill very valid, appreciating love in all its forms not just romantically. So call your family, spend time with your besties, hug your cat more and do a charitable deed, above all else remember to LOVE YOU.
  Left: Untitled by Print & Pattern, Untitled by Personne
Center: Untitled by Maggie On The Rocks, untitled via weheartit
Right: Untitled via pinterst, Untitled via pinterest
Untitled by Luiny

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Get ready, get pretty! Whether it's to feel yourself or someone else, we all have a thing for romantic spirit, especially with a sprinkle of refinement.

All in all, we just want to immerse ourselves in loving spirit and hope you feel inspired to do the same .

We're all lovers, have a good one y'all!

Left: Untitled by The Improvised Life, Untitled by Coeval Magazine 
Center: Untitled by Cultura Colectiva
Right: Untitled by Design Inspiration, Untitled via Weheartit
     Christie Beige Pink Handbag  Untitled by Maggie On The Rocks
    Left: Untitled via weheartit, Untitled via pinterest
Center: Untitled by C'est La Vie Ma Chérie, Untitled by Wyld Skin Care
Right: Untitled by Cafe Chai, Untitled via pinterest
Pip Usher by Aaron Tilley for Kinfolk
Untitled by Pia Riverola

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