October 25, 2018

They're gorgeous, they're cool, and they add a good dose of sparkle to our insta feed! We love them, sure you'll do too! Have a look at our faves below!
1.The foodista: @sssuerose
How fluent are you in Korean? You might not understand the language but you will definitely understand the food. @sssuerose is a feed where a Foodista  just shares her favourites spots for coffees, deserts and delicious meals. One seriously good reason to take the first flight off to Seoul.
Pictures from @sssurose
2. The well cultivated: @thiswasfashion
Can you get enough fashion archives? Well, when they're that good you just can't. This was fashion aims to create a precise evocation of the past. The feed succeeds not to fall in nostalgia but to be a celebration of past creations that shaped our minds.
Pictures from @thiswasfashion
3. The lovers' lover: @agathesorlet
Agathe Sorlet is a French illustrator based in Paris. We fell in love with her cheeky and delicate style. Feminine but not fragile, her illustrations and animations are an ode to romance and self-love. An art that definitely makes warms you up when the days run shorter.
Pictures from @agathe Sorlet
4. The rad crafter: @ateliervime
Atelier Vime is a French homeware brand specialised in wickerwork. The pieces they craft go from baskets to bed structure. Their feed is a reflection of the beautiful style they are creating.  We love the pure aesthetic of these spaces, perfectly sharp and bucolic.
Pictures from @ateliervime
5. The fashion eye: @bitofthisbitofthat
This online gallery steals our heart everytime we have a glance. First, the curation is just to die for with just enough personal bits in between the creative images. Second, the Aussie fashion blogger Emily Andrews knows how to express her moods, desires and styles with beautiful images and how to make her universe become ours.
Pictures from @bitofthisbitofthat
6. The itinerant artist: @bazgramsobie
She moves and she draws. Monika Smetaniuk is an itinerant tattoo-artist and design student. We first spotted her during her Portuguese residence with the collective Pantano Studios. Her art reconnects us with nature and the savage part of our feminine self.
Pictures from @bazgramsobie