March 24, 2019

If you could only invite 5 persons to your dream dinner, who would you choose?
This edit isn't just about the sparkle they're bringing to our feed. Our selection this month is about real women who portraits humans and give a voice to women, on their own way. We love their style, their message and we'd die to gather this bunch of inspirational women around a table and a wine! Discover our girl crushes and follow them if not the case yet!
@Ana Floubet:
Art direction, stylism, photography, and drawings are as many strings our creator has to her bow. Her eye is fresh and percuting, her editorial choices are radical and gentle. Barcelona based artist as been thriving, collaborating with Spanish best brands as Bimba Y Lola, Uterque and Amichi. Ana styles constantly balances between strong and delicate, giving us to see a wide palette of feminities.
All images from @anafloubet
The qwill of Rupi strikes and always hit the bull. Her poetry reveal a strong and fragile ambivalence, that resonates within al of us. Mixing text with strong and personal imagery, her feed is a safe place for the voice of those who are unheard or remain unexpressed. After the success of Honey and Milk, Rupi released The Sun and Her Flowers on growth and healing. 
All images from @rupikaur_
Women "who drive their own life", is the core of Lea's work. Her inclusive and figurative work is a strong message of empowerment, sorority and acceptance. Her fashion design background allowed her to shift her painting onto weaving ethically made. Her commissioned work succeed to keep this freshness, conveying an important message for women and men all over the world: don't be afraid to do what you want; never stop doing your thing.

  All images from @leaaugereau 


@Alice Johnson:

Soon-to-be graduated Johnson shares her sights, tests and creation around ceramics. Her aesthetic is funny and organic, giving us a different approach to traditional ceramics. Nevertheless, her solid references permit her to go off the beaten track in terms of creation, with being off the subject. We obviously fell in love with the ceramics pet and her collection in partnership with the V&A Museum in London.

All images from @alicejohnson94


@Miranda Lorikeet:

Thought Microsoft Paint was a crazy tool for your 5-year-old niece? Wait and see. Miranda a.k.a Lazybones, is a pioneer in Microsoft Paint illustrations. Her works offers a myriad of women in pastel desert landscapes. Confronting the idea of resourcing loneliness by the ocean, Miranda is following the lignage of Virginia Woolf's Room of One's Own. She caresses the idea that it is okay for one to withdraw herself in her own colourful and peaceful world.

All images from @mirandalorikeet

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