January 11, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies! Hope your January has been off to a good start already, how are you all feeling? Ready to get up and go? Not quite ready yet? Well perhaps we can help with that, we're here to get you inspired for the year ahead, get you thinking about your vision, desires, needs and goals. Don't worry this isn't a lesson in making resolutions, we're over the hum drum ubiquitousness that ancient habit.  Saying this we are all in favour of having a plan of sorts or at least a list. We like lists. So take a minute to got down x5 things you'd like to happen this year, big or small and then have a look at our TIPS below for enabling these into actions. Its all about maintaining balance from the start and starting with a feeling of a 'refresh', lets clear out whats no longer needed from 2019 to allow space for AMAZINGNESS to start seeping into what is sure to be an action back year, full of surprises and adventures! 
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January Blues? Nahhh we're skipping that this year by keeping busy, working on our to do list of goals, intentions and desires for the year ahead. Its time to get your 'calm' on by getting rid of the chaos. 
Clean and cozy spaces! We are starting January with a massive clear out. Going through all rooms in our homes, bedroom, living, work area, closet, bathroom cabinet, fridge you name it we're attacking it. The aim of the game is to declutter and clear all that is no longer useful, working for us or necessary. We'll be giving away old clothes and cosmetics and putting the rest in the recycling. January is the best time of year to sort and re-organise. Clearing the way for positive energy, clarity of mind and calm to flow through. You'd be surprised what adding a few plants to a well lit corner of a room will do to lift the mood and vibe on these cold winter days. 
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This is about looking after ourselves with things we enjoy doing the most without any guilt what so ever, unless that is things we will later regret. So be clear to ensure you're self-care list is actually an enabling set of relaxing and rejuvenating rituals that will help to revive and recharge you at mid week or when ever you can fit it in.
  We advise you have up to x6 hours a week in winter, more if you can as winter is the time we need it most. Less sunshine and vitamin D means our bodies call for more enrichment, be it form wholesome food, early nights and more sleep. We need to actively set aside time dedicated to looking after ourselves in these cold winter months. This includes a netfilx binge, switching off your phone and ignoring those messages, and yes actually saying 'no' to an invitation or two for the sake of reading that book you got for Christmas or re-organising your make-up drawer.
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  Our list of self-care practises include:
1.Yoga- you cant beat either a restorative hatha flow for instilling some calm and easing tensions in the body, been thinking about signing up for a class recently? Babes, treat yourself. Do it. Your body will thank you for it.
2.Books - weather its listening to an audio whilst you organise your laundry or cook or its a proper cozy on the sofa with a cup of tea we are all about getting in some 'reading' time this year. Books are inspiring tools, like a good friend you can adventure learn and grow with, pick a good one and get started this weekend.
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 3. Sleep - Yes sleep, we defnitely don't get enough hours these days. Science proves time and time again just how restorative, anti-aging , healing and revitalising sleep can be. We are dedicating at least one night a week where we are in bed 1- 2 hours ahead of when we normally would. No phone, ok we'll allow your new book but the idea is to 'catch up' every hour missed of sleep is equivalent to double what your body suffers for the lack of it the next day. SO remember all those late nights add up multiple them by two and its actually a little scary how much 'rest time' our bodies loose. This leads to bad-moods and irritability, slower metabolism, ageing skin and more. Fitting in more hours for this nocturnal past-time is a must do for us this year.
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4. Get creative - we're picking up our brushes and pens and getting our 'Frida Kahlo' vibe on. What ever floats your boat be it journalling, doodling, crafting or collaging, implementing a creative hobby into your week or month is a sure way of getting those endorphins flowing. Neuroscience testifies to the fact that focused creative activity if pursued for sustained amounts of time lead to 'flow states' this is an optimum neurological state where the brain is flooded with positive chemicals including dopamine, endorphins and serotonin with are all pleasure inducing and enhance focus and imagination - imagine the impact all of this would have feeding into your work week on a regular?   See you at the next life drawing class? 
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New year doesn't necessarily mean new you. Its old you up with a 'refresh' so why not take advantage of our winter sale and nab yourself some 'classics' to take you into spring from our winter sale? Our fab boot selection, putty grey or butter milk - two pairs form Miista that will transition into your spring wardrobe super easily. A cool and cozy two piece? Then our checked suit from Rollas should nail that one. Have a think of whats missing from your wardrobe and take advantage of our insane discounts to fill the gap! 
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We all need it and we all deserve it. The more you give the more you receive so here's to spending time with those that make our hearts sing. We're reminding ourselves to check in more, send a text to that bestie you haven't seen in months, tell your bae you love him, actually say the words becasue it counts too! Hug your mum and dad the next time you see them like you mean it. Invite your boyf to join in your self care routine, draw each other, read together and share what your stories, take your dog out for longer walks becasue they deserve it too. And don't forget above all else to love yourself more and priorities that time for you. 
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Here's to an AMAZING year ahead, we hope this is the one you get to really nail life! 
2020 lets go.
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