July 04, 2018

We are so excited about summer finally being in full swing, looking forward to the bbq's, weekend beach trips and sunning our selves in the park, books and friends in tow.
July is all about less work and more play. Who's with us on this one?
Have a look at our inspirations for the month ahead and have a great one girlies!  #boawsummer!
Image source: ARAKS
Image Source: Lack of Colour
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Image Source: Nomade Bubbles
Image Credit: Alexander Calder, Void’s Edge, 1963
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Image Source: Jacquemus
Image Source: Chapel Lane
Image Source: Zulu & Zephyr
Image Source: Maggie On The Rocks
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Image Source: Carla Camprubí
Image Source: Elena Boils
More behind the scenes!
All the images not credited were found on Pinterest.

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