March 03, 2019

Funny enough that January opens the Roman Calendar and February the Chinese calendar. March marks the end of hibernation, the beginning of rebirth season; spring. Flowers that blossom mime the awakening of our bodies and mind to welcome a new growth, we're ready to shine again. This month, we chose to embrace the beauty of fresh starts. As we celebrate an healthy environment, we highlight the delicate beauty we encounter. Romantic spaces, precious objects and nice people feed our minds on this aesthetic and mental quest. We are granted with strength and determination to keeps us going, with a quiet force and an open heart. Get inspired!
Left: Bathroom Goal via Pinterest, Annie Gold Hibiscus Pendant
Centre: Beauty Blossoms via Weheartit, Shades of green via
White Quartz, purifies your space and  helps you to relax.
Simplicity is key. We love to maintain a relaxing interior. Just like Mariana Poppe, Jil Sander and Ingo Maurer, we believe that style relates on simplicity.
Right: Uchiwa Lamp by Ingo Maurer via Mackapar
Another example of simple but yet outstanding objects by ceramist Harvey Bouterse
Centre: Hair Detail by Rocha, Untitled by Melinda Fernbacher
Interior via Pinterest
Soft texture and exquisite colour palette are always a yes for us!
Left: Lilac Thin Marble Hoops
Centre: Outfit detail by stylist Claire Anderson
Right: Satin texture love via Weheartit
Simone Rocha SS18 inspiration is talking to us this month!
Cecilia Bahnsen Pre-Spring 2019 Campaign has this eerie and organic inspiration we crave for.
It is finally time to brighten our daily palette!
Left: Image via Pinterest, Mia Chae via Lisa Says Gah
Centre:  Sky Beret and swimming swans 
Cheeky colours and vitamins to keep us going!  via Pinterest
Left: Working Girl Bag, Internet cutest cat, 
Right: Picnic aesthetic and Peachy ceramics designs via Pinterest
Have a nice one!

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