March 14, 2020

Can you smell the sweet sent of the blossoming flowers? We're basking fully in these lush light rays of sun that are blessing us this March. We truly are a little obsessed with spring and the fresh, vibrant and fragrant feelings in conjures up in us. Its a season for rejuvenation for clearing out the old and welcoming in the new, metaphorically speaking its a spring clean for the senses too, so lets remember this inspite of the crazy times we are being confronted with currently. We will be fine, if we stay focused on what counts which is taking care of ourselves, staying health and keeping our spirits and immunity levels up. So its a high does of vitamin D where ever we can sneak it in as healthy as possible, lots of fresh greens, fruit and sleep. In times of struggle its important to turn inwards and reflect of our own needs and tend to our inner garden.
Spring brings with it a fresh start, new beginnings and the blossoming of all we have been working on through winter, its time to reflect back and praise yourself for all you've achieved so far this year. 
SPpring fever as well and truely hit us here in sunny Lisbon, we've had some lovely sun soaked days and the city is coming in to bloom.This has influenced our mood and wardrobe. We're feeing a bit fem and obsessed with retro prints and cuts as well as our latest drop of vintage and our newest brand to BOAW, MUNDAKA!
All in all not a bad start to the beginning of this sweet sunny season we call spring. In spite of all that is happening there is a lot to look forward too we just have to focus on the beauty that we are surrounded by and not forget to celebrate ourselves! So enjoy the below and be good to yourself these next few days, we are all in this together. 
Left: Untitled via Pinterest, Untitled by Coppibarbiere
Center: Untitled by Erika Carlock, Untitled by Fashion Gone Rouge   
Right: Untitled by Mod Youth, Hand Knited Peach Jumper
Untitled by Maggie On The Rocks   
 Untitled by Ghoulish Overkill

  Untitled via Pinterest
    Left: Untitled via Pinterest, Untitled via Pinterest
Center: Untitled by Wkahei, Untitled via pinterest
 Untitled by Mercurian Fantasy
 Left: Cristina Dress Mauve, Untitled by Frances Palmer
Center: Untitled by Spilt Milk, Untitled by Auguri
Right: Untitled via pinterest, Frank Shirt Mauve and 90s Floral Maxi Summer Dress
Cream 70s Lightweight Coat and Cayman Snake Pocket Pink
Untitled by Anissa Kermiche
Right: Untitled by Almost Heaven, Summer Flowers
Untitled by Spot Light Time

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