Behind the scenes of Mellow Drama

June 27, 2019

Last week we cast ourselves in a Fellini movie shot in Lisbon's Parliament district! Grand fountains and statues are flanked by our muse of the moment the Brazilian beauty Maíra! Vintage cuts are paired along size retro shades and shoes, classic swim and statement jewellery.
A little mellow drama never hurt anyone did it? We're all for ott.
Fellini once said "Nothing is more honest than a dream". We shaped our imagination and dressed up the statues with shoes, living in our own little dream. What would suit our fav  Brava shoes more than a winged lion? 

Even our amazing Maíra needed to feel even more pompous, acting like a Greek goddess, while posing in swimsuit or changing in a white clothe.

 But she remained professional even when we pushed her limit so she was close to the edge literally speaking ;-)
And how about Ziggy? Well, we can't forget our precious helper always up for a laugh and a pose!
Happily, everything went just fine and we wrapped up this amazing day all smiley and joyful!
Scroll down to discover the final results!

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