Monday Muse: Deun Ivory

July 31, 2017

Meet Deun (pronounced Dee-yawn) a creative and multifaceted beauty on a mission to enable women of colour to feel valued, affirmed and celebrated. A creative entrepreneur with a refreshing authenticity to her work. She's also the photographer and art director of one of our favorite wellness bibles Black Girl In OM which is how we discovered this inspiring babe.

It was love at first sight really and it's not hard to see why. Her illustrative work, out-look on life and her approach to entrepreneurial creativity and well-being are completely inspiring and infectious.

She is 100% dedicated to empowering people, women in particular and we are totally down and excited by that! We adore her positivity affirmative illustrations which are a celebration of womanhood, love, an ode to positive thinking and the celebration of self. She tells stories in an authentic way with both her photography and drawings with a clean and minimal aesthetic that really resonates with us. 


Her illustrations serve to nourish the soul and encourage confidence in one's self, self-love, positive expression, and empowerment. We are 100% on board with that, more please Deun! 


Take her 'note to self' on her blog, an overwhelmingly heartfelt and empowering note to remind us all to put our selves first and not succumb to a constant need for validation not the opinions of others which leads us all too often to self-doubt and fear.  Encouraging words we all need to take note of too. 


We are all about positivity and community here at BOAW, celebrating women who not only have style but grace and talent. 

Deun's naturally minimal aesthetic is reflected in her laid back style, like us this girl is a sucker for a good pair of vintage Levis and a knotted oversized shirt. We're also down with her love of hats not to mention the major hair envy we're trying to reign in! 

Delve into the world of this creative talent on her website and explore her work on one of our favorite online reads of the moment Black Girl In OM  trust us you won't look back! 


Deun, we heart you! Keep sharing the love. 

IMAGES TAKEN FROM:  Deun Ivory Collections,  Instagram,  





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