October 16, 2017

We recently discovered Amy Sall on one of our wanderings through the labyrinth tunnels of Instagram and we've definitely been obsessed with this beauty and her brains ever since. Taking a quick glance at her Instagram it's easy to see why, her slick polished aesthetics something to aspire too. 

Amy graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in Human Right Studies and has since been concentrating all her efforts to develop and empower youth in the Sub-Saharan regions of Africa. She's founded the SUNU: Journal of African Affairs, Critical Thought + Aesthetics, an online platform and print journal that seeks to enlarge the youth voice and perspective on matters and ideas concerning Africa and the diaspora.

This dynamic woman was able to merge her views on the human rights fight and the artistic expression in sub-developed areas that struggle to have a voice, an opinion and even just to have basic conditions to live in. Cultural studies are the major subject for her and she has a keen interest to discover in which ways the visual culture, literature, postcolonial and critical theory inform, shape and encourage contemporary discourses surrounding the socioeconomic, political and cultural traditions and thoughts.

Currently she is also a part-time lecturer in the Culture and Media Studies department of The New School University's Eugene Lang College.

A part from all of this, Amy has collaborated with and has been featured in campaigns for major brands such as J. Crew, Armani Beauty and Kenzo, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue and Kinfolk magazine.

At the moment, her name can be seen in a lot of different and interesting spots, always for the best reasons.

Her beauty is undisputable for sure, and her style has captivated us since the very beginning: Amy's all about the neutrals and the head to toe boss lady style. Suits are clearly one of her major statements.

She is totally inspiring our mood for progression and development for AW matches our mood for AW and we're very proud to have found her and to see all her amazing work in human rights, and still being able to be an it girl and a muse!

She's the living proof that you can have time for everything and be a bit of everything too!















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Images taken from: Amy Sall, Instagram, Vogue, Kinfolk, Elle South Africa.



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