January 09, 2017

No matter how great a previous year was we always seem to look forward to a new one. New beginnings and a fresh start are sometimes all you need to get back on track and tackle your goals, professional aspirations and (obviously) revamp your wardrobe!

For January we’re thinking sober tones, clean lines and fresh makeup with a touch of cosy and homey to get us through the cold weather.

 As for lifestyle and interiors, there’s really nothing better than to cosy up inside on winter nights with a drink and some good reads. The new year also calls for some un-cluttering: whether you need a reboot after all the indulgence during the holidays or you just want to organise your space and make it a bit trendier: it’s up to you, but January is definitely the time to do it! 

As for Bird on a Wire, expect some news in the new year and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with more inspo and winter wear gear!


 Happy New Year from Team BOAW xx

Written and Compiled by: Joana Fernandes

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