May 11, 2019

May, how we love this playful middle sister! She's the younger of summer but the big sis to spring, without her things wouldn't be as much fun would they? May is the month we all get excited at the beckoning of the heat of summer and all that the season of sunshine promises us, fun, games and
hopefully lots of fro-licks in the grass.  
We are planning our summer holidays, booking tickets for festivals and honing in on our health. Its almost bear leg season and we intend to look good in those shorts. 
Our selection of products for the month ahead just got exciting with a new brand on board we know you'll love, Komono who are providing protection from the suns rays in laid back cool and affordable style. You'll want to own ever pair of these sunglasses trust us! 
As well as this we've got a great selection of holiday season gear, you'll need to check out in-store, but first get yourself in the mood with a browse through our thoughts on May! Enjoy. 
May, May, May finally we can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables we've been  waiting for. Healthy snacks and a bit of vit D is what we're hungry for!


Why not add a zest of colour and start having fun outside? We're just warming up for summer!
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Left: ader error
Centre: teget
Right: jessccbell
Last but not least: let's not forget to take care of your bodies! Sunscreen, oils go along the way. Tender loving care is an obvious yes. Start by giving yourself a hug everyday!
At the end, summer vibe is about dancing, feeling, enjoying every second in the open air, isn't it?
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