November 07, 2018

Ola Birds!
The rain and the cold arrived with joint arms as the light kept on decreasing. As a consequence the only thing we have in mind is... Cozyness. Not your average cozy but the big fluffy relaxing and self loving cozyness. You know what they say in November: Staying in is the new going out.
So obviously, our mood board this month is all bout comfort food, pleasant chill zones, warm interiors and obviously warm clothings!
Here's our survival guide to the month. Grab yourself a chai and a blanket because you will definitely feel like a warm cuddle after browsing. Get inspired!


Rule n°1: Get your heart warm by either wearing cozy knits or admiring beautiful art.

Center: Arthur by Laurie Maun and Harper Bazaar Spain via Maggieontherocks
Thérèse by Balthus
Rule n°2: Relax. Meditation and yoga come along the way! Sunday daydreaming and cooking are the thing. Here's our lexicon for relaxation.
Right: Clothes by Yoshiki Hishinuma via Pinterest
Illustrations by Subin Yang via It's Nice That
Yummy winter soup via Refinery 29 US
Rule n°3: Be poetic! Add a zest of colours to your interior, cuddle, read love stories...
Left: Picture via Pinterest
Left: Bathroom in Pisa via Pinterest
Ali McGraw and Ryon O'Neal in Love Story (1970)
John Gribben and Amy Friend collaboration for We Are Kiosk
Rule n°4: Stay trendy inside out. I mean, we're also here for this.
Right: Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker via Pinterest
Picture by Rory Payne via Vjolce
Rule n°5 (last but not least): Comfort food. No explanations needed, we're layering.
Left : Best brownies on the internet by A Beautiful Mess
Center: Best place to eat your best brownie via Pampa
Right: Best place to bake your cookies by Anyone Girl
Illustration by Janet Sung for Refinery 29
Guilty pleasure by Hey Modest Marce
  Have a nice one!

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