November 11, 2019

November derives from the Latin root novem- meaning “nine,” because in the Roman calendar there were only ten months in the year, and November was indeed the ninth month. Today, November marks the point in the year when the real winter chill begins to set in and the inviting appeal of hibernation and cozying in really comes into play. 
We've taken heed and stocked up on lots of cozy knitwear and warm wool coats. We're keeping things simple with an emphasis on comfort and making time to charge up with restful activities at the weekend.
The cold saps energy and winter can bring on the lethargy so hearty vegetable soups are in order as is lots of beauty sleep and staying hydrated with herbal teas and warming cups of cacao and matcha! 
Left: Square Hair Grip, Untitled by Tono+Co
Centre: Untitled by Authentic and So
  Untitled by Another Magazine
Clean but cozy vibes are the and of  order of the day, its far to say there will be a lot of sofa time this winter, reading books, cuddling up with your dog or bae and of course the occasional afternoon snooze at the weekend. 
 Left: Untitled via Pinterest
Centre: Untitled by Manimoments
Rest and relaxation are the order of the month, its time to start winding down and reflecting on where all your energy was placed through out the year.
Of course we are keeping our wardrobe in sync with our mellow vibes, easy knits and soft buttery leather boots are the order of the day. Our favourites of course are from our Brit pals Miista Shoes! Click the link above to shop. 
Cozy but clean is our moto, we are keeping things simple with an empthasis on comfort first. 
Left: Oatmeal Ripped Hooded Cardigan, Art piece via Pinterest
Right: Lady '99 by Sarah Nedovic, Manon Grey Jumper
Caramel hints, earthy tones and wooden accents are playful nods at misty country walks, log wood fires and cups of hot tea. 
Left: Untitled by Nicole Pletts Fine Art
Centre: Autumn Shades by Bird On A Wire, Untitled via Pinterest
Right: Inspiration via Pinterest

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