September 14, 2019


After all that sun, our toned  and tanned skin, is still in bliss from the sun lavished summer months. We're waving good bye to the last of the summer sun, those beach days and balmy sunset drinks. Suffice to say we are actually ready for some more mellow and calm vibes.

This is the month of transition where our mind slowly gets back into full work mode and we're  slowly shrugging off those summer clothes and embrace the early autumn goodness of texture, tone and layers.

 We're feeling softened by the summers long stay and now looking forward to the tender embrace of autumn!
September we love your pastel colours and romantic mood.
Inspired by BOAW favourite Laurie Mauns art work we already anticipating the crispness of the leaves, the shortening ofthe days and impending cozy nights in. Yes, I think we are ready for the new autumn mood.
Sweet September Melancholy...
 We were outside all day in summer is finally time for us time in our indoor spaces. Our mind is now getting focus on that to do list be it work, home, or future goals, home time is best while our energy is switching between seasons. 
Picking up our favourite reads whilst enjoying the last sun beams with some relaxing and inspiring reading and making those lists for the next chapter of the year.
Some relaxed vibes that match our mood... But let's still keep it styled.
We're mellow yellow in Rollas favourite Gigi jumper.
New season also means new trends! Shopping time has also arrived and we cant hold ourselves back from the new treats for Autumn. We're calling up our gal power, put our creativity on full blast and patchwork your styles. 
Confy, Easy, Trendy

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