September 17, 2018

We enjoyed every drop of this summer! The night walks, early mornings at the beach and rosé with the gals. We're delighted Lisbon still treats us with amazing weather and temps but can't loose focus.
September vibes are a quiet reflection of our end of summer feelings. Exit beach with fizzed hair and farniente by the pool;
it's time to straighten up and get the power clothes back on!
Our mood for the month is all about autumnal shades, cosiness and of course, getting back to work, with a clear and relaxed mind, we are ready to move mountains and take the best out of this new period.
 Are you in? Get inspired by our September moodboard!
We are off to a delicate palette: blush, brown, rosé are our go-to colours!
Top: 70s Caramel Suede Fitted Jacket, Pinterest, Pinterest
Bottom: Giuseppe Penone, Pale Pink Round Neck Jacket
But we love to spice it up with bright colours!
Isabel Marant Resort 2019
To start working season off on the right foot, we want to embrace our bossy persona. We just love the suits and check trends of this season! Working women are back in town!
Top: Pinterest, Man Repeller
Bottom: Wool and Cashmere Mix Blazer, Pinterest
Tibi - NYFW SS 19
Getting back is always hard when you just had such an amazing time. We love to mentally cuddle ourselves with pastel tones, warm interiors and heart warming art.
Bottom: Lotta Maija, Pinterest
Of course Ziggy will be our eternal fav but we
also have eyes for this cutie from Pinterest.

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