Mariana Poppe

Lisbon born and based ceramist Mariana Poppe has had a longtime passion for her craft, ceramics.
It gained an important spot in her life overtime until the recent establishment of her business.
After buying a kiln and dedicating a room in her house to her workshop, her passion naturally grew to become a (part-time) job.
Her signature lies in the use of white and soft clay, simple and yet modern curves. She loves to play around with the natural colour of her material or to add colours of her own confection to the pieces. Oxides, pigments, underglazes allow her to come with crafts of neutrals colours or warm tones that resonate with her envies.
She loves to think her pieces as versatile artefacts that can be used both functionally and ornamentally.
Her year of 2018 has been devoted to the creation of vases and jars with organic shapes to be filled with cactus, flowers or simple plants.