Buki Fadipe's vintage gadgets jumped from the digital world to a showroom in downtown. We scheduled a visit at Bird on a Wire Studio. The number 1 in Largo da Madalena, right next to the church, has the door closed. It is necessary to ring the bell for Buki Fadipe to let us enter his small room full of treasures from the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century. "Welcome to the Bird on a Wire Studio." It was in downtown Lisbon that the finest vintage bird of the internet decided to lay down, with its flowery dresses and shirts, cat eye style sunglasses, overcoats of classic lines and bijouterie XXL. Since the end of October that customers can make a mark to see live what until now they could only see in the online store of second-hand products. "The Portuguese are a bit different, they like to play, to try," explains Buki, the Englishwoman who traded London for Lisbon in 2015. The criterion of choice for true charriots remains the same as always: "An eclectic mix of quality pieces - because if it's second hand it has to have quality so it does not look like it's been used 100 times - and very wearable, that fit easily into any girl's closet. "But who is the girl Bird on a Wire? "I buy five types of girls that I have in my head: the most classic, who likes a good coat; the craziest, who is not afraid to use the gaudy standards of the '80s with jeans; the business woman, the girlie and the maria-rapaz. " In the showroom, which receives visits on Thursdays and Fridays under markings and opens the doors every Saturday between 11.00 and 19.00, not everything is vintage. The cashmere sweaters in pastel colors are from Amy Grace, from Seoul; the pieces in leather are of the English Joanna Vanderpuije; there are bodies from The Bodysuit of Barcelona; and on the wooden table in the center, with a jug of flowers, live an original Gucci wallet with the earrings in acetate of the independent French designer Alexandrine Paris. Largo da Madalena 1. Sat 11.00-19.00 Under appointment: Thu and Fri 13.00-18.30 book via INSTAGRAM @birdonawire-studio or email


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